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This is where you can find all information on the Trinity of Tiaa'véd (meaning Trinity of Protection) which involves the connections between the 3 of the many races and the races in hiding for that of the species Spacel (or Spacels as plural) their connection to the Overseer, their planets, star-systems and all the life that include in the collection of the star-systems in the Tiaa'véd Trinity.

Star-Systems Of The Tiaa'véd Trinity

Constrial Star-Systems

Coral Star-Systems

Conbrim Star-Systems

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Races With Connections To the Lore

Races that are not apart of the Tiaa'véd Trinity, these sentient races and spacels are species and races with in the lore that are outside of the Tiaa'véd Trinity but know about and have or had contact with them at some point in history, even if that contact is no longer there.

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Races Of The Tiaa'véd Trinity

Races that live with in the planets that are connect to the Tiaa'véd Trinity and it's worlds.

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Also check out some of the Flora and Fauna that can be found on these beautiful worlds!

Characters Of The Tiaa'véd Trinity

Large or Major Cities Of Note

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Groups and Factions Of Note

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Book Series

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